Wow, you are serious! 😱 🎃

If you are wanting to get in touch with one of the bahree family members, and you don’t have our contact details, maybe it is because we don’t want to be in touch. 👀

  • Amit, 👋 who you can reach in one of these ways:

    • Twitter: @bahree; you have been warned
    • Github: bahree; however most of the things are in private repos.
    • LinkedIn - Amit Bahree - one would hope there might be a little more sanity here, but nothing is guaranteed.
    • Blog - desigeek.com
  • Meenakshi, 👩 well we need permission to share anything here.

  • Kiddo - 🐼 You need to talk to one of the parents first.

  • Doggo - 🐶 He prefers not to talk to strangers, and requests you go through one of the humans first.